#100: Abracadabra
The Misfits - Abracadabra (100 187) Power Remaster01:09

The Misfits - Abracadabra (100 187) Power Remaster

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#{{{number 3}}}: Version 3
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#{{{spanish number}}}: Spanish Version

Abracadabra is a song by The Misfits, and it is the 100th song in Jem.



Abracadabra, open your eyes
Abracadabra, you're gonna get a big surprise
Abracadabra, what do you see?
Abracadabra, you're gonna have to deal with me

Hocus-pocus, presto-chango
See the tangled web I weave
Oh, alakazoo, guess what's new?
I've got more tricks up my sleeve

Abracadabra, everything's changed
Abracadabra, your life is being rearranged
Abracadabra, how do you feel?
Abracadabra, I bet the whole thing seems unreal

Oh, abracadabra
Abracadabra, oh, oh, oh

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