This page is intended to list all albums that have appeared in the Jem franchise.


Valet of the Damned!!

Brad's own demo, written, produced and performed by himself. Appears in the Jem and the Holograms film (2015).

Jacqui Benton


For other uses, see Starlight (disambiguation).

Jacqui Benton's posthumous album. All songs were retrieved from inside of Synergy's memory bank. The album generated a lot of expectancy prior to its launch and long lines of customers could be seen filling the streets outside of record shops the day of its release. Contains the hits "Starlight" and "First Love".

Track list

  1. Starlight
  2. First Love
  3. My Heart
  4. Oh. Jo
  5. Jerrica's

Jem and The Holograms


An album by Jem and The Holograms. Contains the hit "There's A Melody Playin'". The album almost didn't come to be as the master tape was stolen during its production. Fortunately, it was retrieved in time and the album was a success.

Track list

  1. There's A Melody Playin'

Glitter 'n Gold

Track list

  1. Glitter and Gold

Johnny Deacon


Kimber & Stormer

Back to Back

Kimber's and Stormer's (of Holograms and Misfits fame respectively) only solo album. Produced under a record company owned by Eric Raymond and recorded at the Flash! recording studio. Contains the hit song "I'm Okay". The album was critically acclaimed upon its release, reaching number one on the charts and going Double Platinum.

Track list

  1. I'm Okay

Limp Lizards

Limp Lizards

Track list

  1. Broken Glass

Luna Dark


The Stingers

The Stingers Hit Town!

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