Alex Falk
Alex Falk - 01

Full name

Alexander Falk




New York City, New York


Sponsor of Misfits Music
High profile thief


Culture Clash

Voiced by


Alex Falk is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is supposedly a sponsor of Misfits Music and fake acquaintance of Eric Raymond. In reality, however, Alex is a high profile thief and embezzler who is always looking for someone foolish enough who would be willing to pay a much higher price for an item than its real value.


Alex is a (supposed) investor of Misfits Music. Taking advantage of Eric Raymond's infatuation for Fitzgerald Beck's artworks, he offers to let him keep some of his own Beck sculptures while he is on a trip in Europe.
Alex Falk - 02

Falk introducing Eric to Maria

He introduces Eric to Maria Castello at her art gallery, who suggests him to think about investing in Beck's artworks, all this while interchanging indirect words and looks with Alex, suggesting there may be more to it than what they're telling him.

It happens that both of them are partners in crime and plan to use Eric to store the sculptures for them, which happen to be filled with the stolen "Rockwell" jewels, while Alex lays low for a while.


  • In the episode where these events take place, after Alex's appearance, the plot then focuses only on Maria and he is never seen or mentioned again.

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