Alone Again
Season 2, Episode 14
HD Jem Episode 40 Alone Again

HD Jem Episode 40 Alone Again

Air date October 23rd, 1987
Written by Sandy Fries
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For the song, see Alone Again (song).

Alone Again is the fourteenth episode of the second season, and the 40th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


14-year-old Laura Holloway is brought to stay at Starlight Mansion after losing her parents in a car accident. Although musically talented, Laura feels lonely and has low self-esteem. When a boy at school named Bobby Braddock gives Laura pills, Laura becomes addicted to them.

Eventually, Jerrica discovers Laura's problem and takes her to a meeting for girls who struggle with the same addiction. Ashley helps out Laura and Bobby is arrested for selling drugs. In the end, Laura performs with Jem and The Holograms.

Songs featured


Jerrica (to Laura after she almost jumps from the window): You're not a bird. You're Laura Holloway.
Laura: Not a bird? What a bummer. Just Laura Holloway? Double bummer.

Ashley (to Laura when she plays her guitar in the middle of the night): Look, I have an important history test I've got to pass tomorrow. I need to sleep. Either you stop playing that guitar or you'll be wearing it.

Jerrica: Laura, you've got a serious problem. I can't change your life for you. You've... you've got to decide to make a change yourself.


  • This episode features an outside girl staying temporarily at the Starlight Mansion. Ashley, one of the Starlight Girls, takes an active role in trying to help her.
  • This episode was made because of the constant criticism that the show gave a false portrayal of what it's like to be a foster child.
  • The song "Nightmare" by Jem and The Holograms is re-used. It previously appeared in the episode The Fan.
  • This is the first episode to not feature The Misfits.