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Anna Dvorak


Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now Croatia)




Peter Dvorak
Giselle Dvorak
Johan Dvorak
Nadia Dvorak (relative-in-law)


Homeland, Heartland

Anna Dvorak is a minor character in the Jem animated series. She is a member of Danse's family briefly seen in the episode, Homeland, Heartland.


Anna is introduced in a dinner scene after Johan, the eldest member of the Dvorak family, invited her granddaughter, Giselle, and the Holograms to his house the day they met.

When Anna imprudently commented on the resemblance between Giselle and her mother, Nadia, an uncomfortable silence reigned in the room and Giselle, feeling rejected, stormed out of the house.


  • It was never revealed what kind of relation Anna has within the Dvorak family.

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