Full Name

Anthony Julian






Starlight Music

Voiced by

T. K. Carter

Anthony Julian is a clever and creative film director, friend of Lin-Z and Video. He is also Shana's boyfriend, with whom has been in a steady relationship for most of the series.[1]

He directed the "Twilight In Paris" music video[2] and the movie Starbright.[3]


The Holograms met Anthony on Countess Danielle Du Voisin's yacht. Jem successfully set Shana and Anthony up, which fell in love together instantly. Even since then, he has been directing their music videos, perhaps the most memorable being "Twilight in Paris".[2]

Due to his job, he also has many connections; one of them being acquaintances with recognized video director, Vivien "Video" Montgomery, whom he introduced to the rest of the Holograms.[3]


Anthony usually wears a blue jacket with a blue under shirt and gray pants. He also fashions a perfectly trimmed and dashing mustache.


Anthony is very supportive of Shana and the rest of The Holograms, and has directed many of their music videos. Manly, elegant, successful, and well educated, it's no wonder why Shana fell for him at first sight.



  • He is the second boyfriend to have appeared in the series, the first being Rio.
  • According to Christy Marx she got idea for the name "Anthony Julian" from her stepson "Julian Anthony Ledger".


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