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That Old Houdini Magic

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Maeve Eldrich, more commonly known by her stage name, Astral, is a magician and debunker of paranormal scams. Intelligent and intolerant of con artists preying on the gullible. She only appeared in the episode That Old Houdini Magic as a foil to Rapture, who was pretending she was the reincarnation of Harry Houdini to bilk a dowager out of her money.


Her parents have some mixed genes, as her ancestors come from all over the world. Her parents are both skilled physicians. Astral has been interested in magic since she was a little girl. Maeve went to high school in Phoenix, Arizona, where her family happened to live next door to an old man named Alfred White, who was a student of Harry Houdini. Maeve learned a lot of her magic tricks from him. She came to Los Angeles, where she became involved with a group of psychic researchers at a university. She is very interested in psychic abilities, like ESP (Effective Sensory Projection), although she keeps a skeptic mind to the supernatural.


She was becoming a friend to Jem and The Holograms, so she was supposed to become a "good" regular character. It's likely she would have had more run-ins with Rapture and the other Stingers, as well as performing with Jem onstage in some capacity.


Despite being one of the Holograms' main friends, Astral was not released as a doll in the 1980s'. Integrity Toys released an Astral commemorative doll in 2014; a Caucasian doll with long, straight, aqua and purple hair with multi-colored stars on her face.


  • Astral was originally going to be called "Magic".
  • A little homage to her appears in the 2015 film, Jem and the Holograms, in the form of a recording studio called Astral Recordings.
  • She, along with Danse, were the only two friends of the Holograms to not make it into the Jem comics by IDW.