#77: Beat This
HQ Jem - Beat This (77 187)01:23

HQ Jem - Beat This (77 187)

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Beat This is a song by Jem and The Holograms and it is the 77th song in Jem. It was performed at the Talent Search contest as a drum duel between Raya and Craig.



Beat this if you can
Or are you just an also-ran?
I ain't no loser that you can dismiss

Beat this
Beat this
Beat this

Beat this, go and try
If you can't then wave goodbye
This is my moment, my turn at bat

Beat this
Beat that
Beat this

You think you're really something, don't you?
You think you've got it won, don't you?
Well, I've got news, I ain't about to lose

Beat this, do your best
And if you can't, may I suggest
You throw your hat in and blow a kiss

Beat this
And then if you can't
Beat this
Beat this


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