Starlight Girls

Voiced by

Patricia Alice Albrecht

Becky is a minor character in the Jem animated series. She is one of the older Starlight Girls.


Becky was the next girl to arrive to the Starlight House after Lela. Jacqui Benton became her legal guardian in the same way as she did for Lela, Aja and Shana.

Becky is also an avid keyboard apprentice. She can be seen frequently practicing along with Ashley, Lela and Deirdre in their own band called Ashley and The Starlights.[1]

Like the rest of the girls, she helps out with many of Starlight Foundation's functions, such as serving at press conferences,[1] passing out brochures,[2] or posting flyers for diverse events.[3]

According to the Jem Bible, Becky was 13 years old when the series began in 1985.


  • Becky can be seen briefly in a group scene in the episode Out of the Past when Jacqui is hugging the girls goodbye.


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