Bobby Braddock
Bobby Braddock - 02

Full Name

Bobby Braddock




Student, drug dealer


Alone Again


"I've got something that'll really get you higher."

Not to be confused with Bobby Bailey.

Bobby Braddock is a teenage boy who gets Laura to try drugs with the intention of getting her addicted and later charge her for further doses.


Bobby is a boy who preys on girls undergoing emotional issues or hard times with the goal of getting them hooked on drugs. After offering the first few doses for free, he then starts charging the addicted victims. The drugs are severely debilitating to the victim, causing hallucinations and heightening existing emotional problems.

Bobby is first seen in the show when he approaches Laura Holloway, a talented but insecure young girl who has just been taken in by the Starlight Foundation as a foster girl after the death of her parents. Laura is deeply insecure and doesn't believe in her own abilities as a musician, though she has promised Jem that she will play her guitar during a song at an upcoming Jem and The Holograms concert. This causes Laura to worry that she will mess up, adding to her depression. It's in this state of melancholy that Bobby is able to convince her that drugs will help her to stay focused on her music. He gets her addicted to an unknown variety of pills that cause Laura to hallucinate and become further withdrawn and paranoid. After a while, Bobby starts to charge Laura thirty dollars for the drugs. Laura explains she can't afford that much money, and Bobby's attitude then changes from sympathetic and caring to cold and indifferent, walking away from Laura, despite her showing a desperate need to be supplied.

Bobby then encounters Ashley at school just after she has dropped her papers down some stairs. After hearing her complain, he gives her the same introductory spell he gives all his victims, which is overheard by a tearful Laura. Like with all his clients, Bobby offers Ashley the drugs, which she accepts. However, this is discovered to be a ruse, as Ashley's acceptance was just to get Bobby to verbally admit his crimes in front of Laura, who is wearing a wire. Undercover police officers then arrive and arrest Bobby, and he is taken away.

At present, he is likely serving time in jail for his crimes.



  • Bobby is among the youngest characters shown in the series to be arrested by the police.

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