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Astral Recordings



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Nicholas Braun


Jem and the Holograms (film)

Brad is a minor character appearing in the 2015 musical, fantasy, adventure film, Jem and the Holograms, directed by Jon M. Chu. He is the valet parking employee of Astral Recordings and is played by actor Nicholas Braun.


Brad is not your typical valet parking employee and instead looks more like a street punk, with tattoos on his arms and piercings in his mouth and ears.
Brad - 01

Not your typical valet parking employee.

He fashions dark eyeliner, spiky hair and black-painted fingernails, which clash heavily with his uniform as a valet.

He seems to be a bit insecure of himself, although he is always looking to make his way into the music industry to share his music with the rest of the world.


Brad works as a valet in Astral Recordings and only wants to be given an opportunity to break into the music industry. For this purpose, he has created a music demo he desperately wants to give to someone influential in the business, someone like Erica Raymond.

His appearance clashes heavily with his uniform as a humble valet parking employee, which may imply he only took the job in order to give his demo to someone important or just out of pure necessity (or maybe both).

Brad - 05

Brad's demo: "Valet of the Damned!!"

When we first meet him, he approaches Erica as she and the girls are coming out of the recording studio and desperately begs her to accept his demo, which she instinctively dismisses and instead orders him to bring her her car.

The next time we see him, is at night outside of Astral, where Rio is trying to convince him to give him his mother's car keys. Brad asks what's in it for him and Rio proceeds to look for his wallet. Brad stops him and tells him that what he really wants is to have access in the industry, giving him his demo. Rio takes it and Brad gives him the keys.

Brad - 04

Brad tries to buy Rio some time.

Erica arrives a short time later and asks him to bring her her car. After an unsuccessful attempt to beguile them and being "persuaded" by Zipper, he ultimately has to confess that Rio took the keys to her car and that he headed over toward Starlight.
Zipper (film) - 04

Zipper subduing Brad, following Erica's orders.

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