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Broken Glass is the only known song by the Limp Lizards.


"Broken Glass" was first heard in the episode The Beginning, when the Limp Lizards performed it in a quickly improvised music contest arranged by Eric Raymond, which had the ultimate goal of making Eric's sponsored group, The Misfits, sound much better in comparison. For this purpose, he intentionally only allowed admission to bands whose sound wasn't very appealing. The Limp Lizards were one of these bands, along with The Leatherettes and The Space Cadets, and performed "Broken Glass" as their competition entry.

Although the band's sound isn't very enticing, the song may have actually became some sort of a hit for them, as it can be heard again in the episode The Bands Break Up, where they can be seen performing it at a night club with a considerable public assistance.


The partial lyrics that can be heard in the episodes are:

My life is a garbage heap
My life's full of choking gas
Since you left, my world's like

Broken glass
Broken glass
Broken glass
Broken glass


  • "Broken Glass" is the only known song with lyrics by the Limp Lizards.
  • Ford Kinder, the writer and director of many songs appearing in Jem, provided the vocals for "Broken Glass".
  • The cover of a self-titled album by the Limp Lizards appears during a montage in the Holograms' music video "Gettin' Down To Business" (The Bands Break Up). Since no other records (or music material in general) are known by the Limp Lizards, "Broken Glass" is presumably included in that album.
  • This song could be considered to be the Limp Lizards' "one-hit-wonder", since they can be seen performing it again in the episode The Bands Break Up.
  • There is no full version of "Broken Glass", since at the time all songs were released only with the dolls or with the playsets, and the Limp Lizards were never part of those productions.

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