Buzz Montgomery
Buzz mon.

Full Name

Buzz Montgomery


Mulberry, Florida




Constance Montgomery (daughter)
John Montgomery (twin brother)
Mrs. Montgomery (sister-in-law)
Vivien Montgomery (niece)


Father's Day

Buzz Montgomery is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is Clash's father and John's twin brother.


Buzz is an enthusiastic and easy-going man; however, he usually doesn't act with seriousness when the occasion demands it and instead prefers to take all situations as a joke or at least with a bit of humor. He especially likes picking on his twin brother, John, and mock him or act sarcastically on anything he does. While not really a bad person, his maliciousness may be the consequence of feeling a little bit jealous about how his brother successfully raised a loving family while he had to raise his daughter on his own with questionable results.

He lives alone in his two story house in Mulberry, Florida, located just a house away from his brother's. It is never explained what happened to his wife or if he even was married with Clash's mother from the beginning. If she died or abandoned him is just speculation.

He sincerely adores his daughter, Constance (even Pizzazz points that out in disbelief when she sees them together). To him, his daughter is his most precious treasure and idolizes her, no matter what.



  • Buzz's name could be a homage to Buzz Dixon, writer of many episodes and creator of some characters in Jem.

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