Cool trash

Cool Trash is a tabloid magazine business established in Los Angeles, California, that focuses on gossip about celebrities and also sponsors The Harriet Horn Show. Its head publisher and overall manager is Pit Slurman.


Cool trash office

The magazine knows no boundaries when it comes to celebrities' gossip, going to the extreme of twisting stories to their liking if with that they can sell more issues. Its contents are as scandalous as possible, with big headlines usually exaggerating minor scoops to make them look more impressive and attract more customers due to morbid curiosity.

Cool Trash is also the sponsor of The Harriet Horn Show, a talk show that airs on channel 91 (or channel 22, according to Integrity Toys), hosted by famed rock music celebrity Harriet Horn herself. As expected, the show emulates the magazine's ideology and thus specializes in making a big spectacle out of sordid stories for its audience.


  • The overall concept of Cool Trash is inspired in real life tabloids, such as the Enquirer.

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