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The Princess and the Singer

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Corvin is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is the head of Morvania's royal guard and also Princess Adriana's love interest.


Corvin is the head of Morvania's royal guard. He resides in the castle and his duty is to secure the well-being of the royal family. Always cautious, as his occupation demands it, he does not look with good eyes the sudden and increasingly frequent secretive conversations between the princess's cousin, Lexa, and the royal secretary, Dimitrios.

While in one of his rounds, he discovers Dimitrios acting suspiciously on the stage of the castle's theater, where a concert by the Holograms was going to take place that night. Unfortunately, he was not able to witness that what he was actually doing, was setting a timed bomb on the stage. That way he could kill the princess, who was with the Holograms at the time, taking Kimber's place.

As the concert was about to begin, Eric Raymond and the Misfits arrived to the castle in a rush. Corvin was in charge of the security outside and decided to let them in when they informed him that a bomb was about to explode in the theatre. They hurried to the stage and Corvin personally carried Adriana in his arms and put her to safety, while Eric and the Misfits saved the rest of the girls.

With her plans foiled, Lexa ran out of the theater toward the base of a nearby tower, where the real Kimber was about to be pushed off the top by Dimitrios. At that moment, Jem asked Synergy to project the hologram of a flying dragon to distract the criminals and buy them some time. In the confusion, Corvin climbed to the top of the tower and barely managed to save Kimber from falling to her death when the tower's balcony crumbled. He then ordered his men to put Lexa into custody.



  • In the episode, it is implied that there is a romance going on between Adriana and Corvin.

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