Craig Phillips

Full Name

Craig Phillips




Starlight Music


Drummer of The Blue Bloods


Mary Phillips (sister)

Voiced by

Michael Horton

Craig Phillips is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is Stormer's older brother and Aja's only love interest. He was first introduced in the episode The Talent Search (Part 1).

Personality and interests

Craig is an overall caring person who feels at home with The Holograms, but in the same degree as Aja, has an underlying toughness which allows him to interact with people like The Misfits.

He is a greatly talented musician, playing the drums, specifically. He appears to be a pretty athletic person. Additionally, he's very attractive and muscular. 


Craig is Stormer’s older brother and he's intensely protective of her. While generally projecting a “tough” personality, he's always soft and caring to her. His past is unknown and, besides Stormer, he has no known family. A part of his life prior to the series is revealed: he has been touring Europe with various bands for an unknown time.



  • In Britrock, Aja once accused Craig of being secretly married to Stormer, while he was trying to tell her they were siblings. Kimber was the one who explained this misunderstanding to her.
  • In The Talent Search (Part 2), he threatened Eric Raymond and the other Misfits that if they kicked Stormer out of the band, he would make them pay. He also forced Eric to pay restitution to Raya's father for having his plant nursery vandalized as a way of pressuring her into revealing Jem's true identity. Eric, Pizzazz, Roxy and Jetta nervously agreed due to their sudden fear of getting Craig mad.
  • Craig has appeared in the IDW comic series as Aja's love interest. Even though he first appears in issue #5, it isn't until issue #11 that he's actually identified as Stormer's brother.

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