Danse Time
Season 2, Episode 12
HD Jem Episode 38 Danse Time

HD Jem Episode 38 Danse Time

Air date October 19th, 1987
Written by George Arthur Bloom
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Danse Time is the twelfth episode of the second season, and the 38th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


Richard Xanthos holds a contest for $250,000 for the group that can make the best music video that personifies friendship and goodwill. Jerrica Benton decides that if Jem and The Holograms win, they will donate all the money to Haven House. Naturally, the only opponents are The Misfits.

The Holograms' music video is a song that encompasses the theme of people working in harmony. The Misfits' original idea completely ignores these concepts and focuses instead on living a selfish lifestyle. The Holograms ask their friend, Danse, to help out; however, an accident on the set of their video causes her to injure her leg, rendering her unable to complete the video. Jem decides they won't finish filming until Danse gets better, but they only have three weeks before the contest ends.

Meanwhile, The Misfits are attempting to make their own music video to enter. Their theme ignores the concepts required for the competition and instead they are dressed as giant gumballs standing in an equally giant gumball machine. Since Jem's video is stalled, her production crew has been hired to work on The Misfits' video. However, The Misfits suffer setbacks when Eric Raymond accidentally pulls a lever which causes them to fall out of the gumball machine and wreck the shot.

While Danse is in the hospital, she meets a blind boy named Cisco, who inspires her to overcome her injury in time to finish the video for the contest. With Danse's return, The Holograms win the prize, and give the money to Haven House as promised in gratitude for Danse's help.

Songs featured


  • Eric Raymond: Here we have it. Gumballs. A symbol of friendship and goodwill. Everyone loves them.
  • Pizzazz: I hate gumballs.
  • Roxy: You hate everything Pizzazz.

  • Danse: You think this is good? Wait till you see me dance!


  • When Danse is apologizing to Cisco, her bangs are blonde instead of pink.