Dave Danielson
Dave Danielson - 01

Full name

David Danielson




Music promoter


The Bands Break Up

Voiced by

Dan Roth

Daniel "Dave" Danielson is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is a (presumably fake) music promoter with questionable ethics, who will take part in any dishonest activity as long as they reach his price.


After the new sensation duo, Kimber & Stormer, finished their performance one night, Dave presented himself as a music promoter and offered them to sign a juicy contract for his record company. He also gave them some money so they could start setting everything up. However, he also asked something in return, just in case they didn't finish the record in time. Since none of them seemed to be able to afford to pay for all the expenses in case that happened, Dave suggested Kimber to put her half of Starlight Music as collateral, just to show that they were acting in "good faith". The girls accepted these terms and the contract was signed.

Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems, and as soon as Kimber and Stormer left the place, Dave called his boss, who happened to be none other than Eric Raymond himself; everything being part of one of his schemes to get hold of Starlight Music again. From that point onward, Eric took command of the rest of the operation and Dave was never seen again.

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