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#81: Dear Diary
HQ Jem - Dear Diary (81 187)01:20

HQ Jem - Dear Diary (81 187)

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Dear Diary is a song by Jem and The Holograms and it is the 81st song in Jem.



Who do I turn to when I'm feeling bad?
Whether I'm happy, angry or sad?

It's you, dear diary
It's true, dear diary
It's you, dear diary
You set me free

I write down my feelings one by one (one by one)
'Cause writing down my feelings sets me free
It's just between you and me

Personal secrets (dear diary)
Where can I share them? (dear diary)
Ongoing problems (dear diary)
Where do I air them?

With you, dear diary
It's true, dear diary
With you, dear diary
You set me free when it's just you and me
Just you and me, dear diary

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