Dominic Lerner

Full Name

Dominic Lerner






Teen idol and performer


Lena Lerner (mother)


The Jem Jam (Part 1)
The Jem Jam (Part 2)

Based on

Michael Jackson

Dominic Lerner is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is currently the hottest teen idol in town and also the son of legendary R&B singer, Lena Lerner.



Dominic is of African-American descent. He can usually be seen wearing tight jeans and a characteristic black leather jacket. He is quite good-looking, no doubt about it, and is known to make crowds of girls go crazy for him (although it is never stated why).


At first glance, Dominic looks just like the kid next door; a boy which would make more than one to start fantasizing in knowing him better. One should not always judge a book by its cover, though, because as soon as one starts treating him, his arrogant and immature personality immediately become evident.

Being the son of a famous celebrity and having been born with a silver spoon in hand, he looks at everyone else as his inferiors, almost as if they owe to him their own existence. He seems to think it is his own right to take whatever he wants, even if it belongs to others.

His behavior may not be just the result of being spoiled since the day he was born, though, and instead it could more likely be explained because of his mother's (presumably) frequent absences from home due to her celebrity endeavors, which eventually resulted in him lacking certain skills that usually only a parent would teach, like being respectful to others or being taught how to swim.

This may have made him develop certain insecurities about himself and his hostility toward others may just be his way of projecting self-confidence (albeit false) to hide the fact he is not strong enough in many aspects.


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