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Ellen Bernfeld (also known as Norma Human) is an American singer, songwriter, performer and voice actress. She provided Pizzazz's and Roxy's[1] singing voice in the Jem animated series that ran from 1985 to 1988.

Ellen is also known for her work on Anastasia (1997) and Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night (1998).


In the early '80s, Ellen was recording with her techno-pop band, Norma Human (and the Body People), when her song "Don't Ask Questions" landed her the singing role of the bad girl Pizzazz, lead singer of The Misfits, in the Jem animated series.

As the '80s disco queen, "Ménage", she sang the hit dance versions of "Memory" and "Wind Beneath My Wings". She also predicted an epic disaster in her ambient/electronic/European Dance maxi-single, Tsunami - Tidal Wave.

She's played multiple characters in her albums Songs For Dogs and Songs For Cats (and the People Who Love Them), projects which almost made it all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States.

She's also been a very busy studio singer in New York, where she sang on numerous well known jingles and recordings.

Reporting as the "Neo-Musical-Disco-Journalist" in her YouTube videos, "Madoff In America: An Original Rap Disco Drama" and "Hillary's A Lovin' Mama, Obama (Advice From Norma Human)", she made her humorous commentary about the current state of the nation.

In 2015, she'll be scatting and singing jazz in Sarasota and doing her show "High Standards", an homage to the great singers and songwriters of the past.



  • Norma Human (and the Body People)
  • Ellen Bernfeld (and the Babushka Band)
  • I Can't Get Away from Romance
  • Jazz with Pizzazz


  • Tsunami - Tidal Wave
  • Time of the Season

Pet projects

  • Songs for Dogs (and the People Who Love Them)
  • Songs for Cats (and the People Who Love Them)




  • Ellen's last album is called Jazz with Pizzazz, a clear reference to the character she provided the singing voice for in the Jem animated series.


  1. Ellen provided vocals for the song "I'm Gonna Change" in the episode Roxy Rumbles.

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