Emmett Benton
Emmett Benton - 01

Full Name

Emmett Benton




Starlight Music
Starlight Foundation


Inventor and recording engineer


Jacqui Benton (wife) †
Jerrica Benton (daughter)
Kimber Benton (daughter)
Aja Leith (adopted daughter)
Shana Elmsford (adopted daughter)
Lela (adopted daughter)
Becky (adopted daughter)

Voiced by

Jack Angel

For the live-action film character, see Emmett Benton (film).

Emmett Benton was a prominent entrepreneur and inventor. He was the husband of Jacqui Benton, the father of Jerrica and Kimber, and the creator of Synergy.

Career and personal life

Emmett Benton was an inventor and recording engineer for his own company, Starlight Music, which he used to help manage Jacqui's music career. Rio also helped him along. He also set up the Starlight Foundation, to help finance his homebrew orphanage. In this way, he was able to adopt many homeless girls.

While Jerrica and Kimber were still young and growing up, both Emmett and Jacqui took in two foster girls, Aja Leith and Shana Elmsford. The four young girls eventually became lifelong friends.

In 1979, Jacqui was killed in a plane crash. This left Emmett devastated and thought that he wouldn't be able to go on with his life without her, but when he saw that his daughters were so worried, he devoted his time to a personal project he was working on: A supercomputer named Synergy that could project life-like, holographic images. Synergy was also programmed with the music, personality and general appearance of his wife. Though her appearance was later altered somewhat, as Emmett found he couldn't bear to make her too similar to Jacqui after her death. It was this invention that sparked the creation of Jem and The Holograms. He decided to give Synergy a personality that had her likeness of Jacqui and her acting like a mother.

Emmett worked on his diary before and after the death of his wife as a means to collect his thoughts. He kept track of his personal life, his business dealings and his progress on his projects. He kept a close watch of his daughters and their friends, where he notes that watching them grow up and become strong allowed himself to overcome his own, emotional issues. After he was finished with Synergy's construction, he built the Jemstar earrings. He thought he would give them to Jerrica, but before he could, he passed away.



  • According to Jerrica in the pilot episode, his death was unexpected.

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