#129: Everybody Wears A Mask
HQ Jem - Everybody Wears A Mask (129 187)01:30

HQ Jem - Everybody Wears A Mask (129 187)

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Everybody Wears a Mask is a song by Jem and The Holograms, and it is the 129th song in Jem.


International versions

  • The Portuguese version is called "Todo Mundo Usa Mascara" ("Everybody Uses Masks").


Everybody wears a mask, can't tell who is real
Oh, everybody wears a mask, hiding what they feel
Everybody wears a mask, isn't it bizarre?
Oh, everybody wears a mask, masking who they are

Who can I believe? They're trying to deceive
I can't tell one from another (another)
See the hopeless task underneath each mask
I find another and another

Everybody wears a mask, I feel so confused
Everybody wears a mask, who should be accused?
Everybody wears a mask even me sometimes

Everybody wears a mask
Each one plays a role
Everybody wears a mask
Masking heart and soul

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