#185: Family Is
HQ Jem - Family Is ( 185 187 )01:07

HQ Jem - Family Is ( 185 187 )

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Family Is is a song by Jem and The Holograms, and it is the 185th song in Jem. This was the second to last new song in the series, as well the last song performed by The Holograms without collaborations from other artists.



Family (family) is people who care
People who are constantly there
Family (family) is people who come to your aid
When you're alone, confused and afraid

(Family) family is people in touch
People who come through in the clutch
Family (family) is people who give all they've got
If they're related or if they're not

Family is a state of mind
Take a look and you will find

(Family) family is people you love
People you're always thinkin' of
Family (family) is people unselfish and true
(Family) is people like me and you
Family is people like me and you


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