Fitzgerald Beck
Fitzgerald Beck - 04

Full name

Fitzgerald Beck




Conceptual artist


Culture Clash

Voiced by

Dan Gilvezan


"Great art doesn't happen without suffering."

Fitzgerald Beck is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is a conceptual artist admired by many, but not without his detractors. The art he creates, frequently makes him dwindle on the line of being considered to be either a genius or just a mediocre artist.


Fitzgerald is considered by many to be the hottest contemporary conceptual artist in America. Even recognized film directors like Anthony Julian and Video think of his creations as real works of art like nobody has ever seen before. Some of his work comprise the creation of kinetic sculptures and abstract short films.

Anthony manages to convince him to find a moment in his busy schedule to be the art director of the Holograms' next music video. Among some of his "ingenious" ideas for this task, are covering Jem and the rest of the girls with multicolored paint dropped from the top of a building, or making them perform while taking a trip on a ferry loaded with garbage.

However, not everything seems to be delusional in his mind, as he actually appears to be quite talented on how electronics work and has been able to create a wide assortment of little funny robotic sculptures.

He is sponsored by art gallery owner Maria Castello, who seems to be aware of Fitzgerald's subpar talent, but either way, shows herself more interested in his sculptures, not much for their quality but for their quantity...


Fitzgerald thinks too much of himself and seems to be oblivious to how ridiculous his ideas can be sometimes; this probably being the result of having a low self-esteem, in combination of receiving multiple flatteries by everyone around him all of the sudden, which may have leaded him to think of himself as being very talented artistically.

He is quite friendly and very enthusiastic about his work, although it takes little to make him change this behavior and feel pessimistic when a situation turns out for the worse.

He developed feelings toward Jem since the moment they met. However, as expected, she politely turned him down.


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