Full Name

Frack (second name unknown)




Magician's assistant

Voiced by



Music is Magic

Frack is a minor character-turn-villain appearing in the episode Music is Magic.


The assistant of Professor Frick, who isn't known to be knowledgeable in the arts of magic and isn't trusted by him to be much more than an assistant. He has learned a few tricks in his time working with Frick, though, and dreams on becoming the world's greatest magician known ever.

At the "Music & Magic" festival, he successfully traps all the other magicians, along with the Holograms and the Misfits, and forces them to reveal their secrets so he can perform them at the show and get all the credit. The Holograms manage to escape and free everyone else. Working together, they stop Frack and tie him up, letting the Misfits take care of him while the show continues.

After the show, when they return to decide Frack's fate, instead they find the Misfits tied up on the floor with a note attached to them where he vows to return someday to get revenge.


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