Frame Up
Season 1, Episode 4
Jem 04 Frame Up

Jem 04 Frame Up

Air date December 8th, 1985
Written by Christy Marx
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Frame Up is the fourth episode of the first season, and the 4th episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


The Holograms are scheduled to play a concert at a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. When they discover that The Misfits are their opening act, they start to worry. The Misfits bring along Ashley and use her to lure Aja away, hoping that without their lead guitarist, the Holograms won't be able to play and they will headline instead.

Fortunately, Aja comes back in time and they perform. Unfortunately, while the girls are on stage, Eric Raymond's goons steal the money from the concert and frame Jem. Stormer and Ashley team up to tell the truth and Jem's name is cleared.

Songs featured


  • Ashley: I'm scared of Pizzazz and Roxy. They'll be so mad.
  • Stormer: Yeah, they scare me too sometimes.

  • Roxy: Next stop, New York.
  • Stormer: So long, Aja.
  • Roxy: Yeah, don't forget to write.

  • Aja: Oh, uh, warm up the audience for us will you, Pizzazz.
  • Pizzazz: I wouldn't warm up left overs for these no talents.

  • Shana: Well there is one consolation.
  • Jerrica: Is that right?
  • Aja: I've got to hear this one.
  • Shana: Being our warm-up act will drive the Misfits berserk.

  • Detective: (seeing the bag of money) Well.
  • Jem: But...I-I didn't.
  • Dirk Hayes: Arrest her!
  • Detective: All right, come with me young lady (handcuffs Jem)




  • This is the second episode without a song by the Misfits.
  • Eric reveals that Pizzazz's real name is Phyllis.
  • In the compilation movie most of Aja's run back to the casino from the bus was edited out.
  • This episode heavily focuses on Jem's desire to tell Rio her real identity, but fears of losing him because of her constant deception.
  • This episode truly shows Ashley's reformation as she attempted to tell the truth about the stolen money from the casino for Jem's sake and this episode shows Stormer of being a nice Misfit.
  • Malone was able to discover the Holograms' hideout at the Starlight Drive-In and Synergy's whereabouts (even discovering Jem's secret identity of being Jerrica).
  • The end scene shows Malone smashing Synergy to pieces, but in the next episode, Synergy was able to use her holograms to fool him to look as if she was smashed to pieces.