Harvey Gabor




Gail Nye (wife)
Phyllis Gabor (daughter)



Voiced by

Wally Burr

Harvey Gabor is the multimillionaire father of Phyllis Gabor, better known as "Pizzazz". He is the only known familiar of Pizzazz in the series.


Harvey is first introduced in the episode Starbright (Part 1): Falling Star when Roxy suggests to Pizzazz to make her own movie. He is an extremely rich businessman, who raised his own unique daughter, Phyllis, alone.


Being an executive, he is always busy with his business. He did not have much time for Pizzazz as a child and does not have much time for her as an adult. Although he may not have time for her, he supports her a lot with her music career, even though he sticks to belief that music is only a hobby for his daughter. He substituted love and affection with gifts and literally anything she wanted, this caused her to be the way she is. 

He purchased for Pizzazz along the series:



  • It is unknown how the situation of Mrs. Gabor, the mother of Pizzazz and wife of Harvey started; however, Christy mentioned one time that she ran away, opening the possibility of bringing her back, although this was never concreted in the series.
  • Harvey always supports Pizzazz and her ideas to put Eric Raymond in the head of her projects sponsored by him.
  • He always tries to please Pizzazz, only if this brings him peace and happiness to her.
  • He had many business related to oil, but also has many other industries as well for what we can see in the series.
  • He is always busy, traveling or in the company.
  • He once bought Starlight Music.[1]
  • He has nine other siblings.


  1. As seen in the episode The Day the Music Died.

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