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#109: I'm Gonna Change
Roxy - I'm Gonna Change Power Remaster (109 187)01:17

Roxy - I'm Gonna Change Power Remaster (109 187)

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I'm Gonna Change is a song by Roxy of The Misfits, and it is the 109th song in Jem.



Hey, I'm gonna change my luck
I'm gonna change my luck somehow
I'm gonna find another connection
And take a whole new direction
I'm gonna change my luck right now

I'm gonna change my life (yeah)
I'm gonna change my life some way
I'll leave my troubles behind me
Up in the sky you will find me
I'm gonna change my life today

I've had enough of being poor
"Miss Number Two"
Time things were rearranged
A change is overdue (change, change, change)

I'm gonna change, you'll see
And when I change you'll be impressed
I'm gonna rewrite my story
Win all the prizes and all the glory
I'm gonna change, you'll see, and be the best


  • Due to Pizzazz's and Roxy's singing voice being performed by the same actress, Ellen Bernfeld, the similarities between both characters' singing styles may lead some people to believe that "I'm Gonna Change" is in fact performed by Pizzazz.

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