#67: Jam All Night Long
Jem - Jam All Night Long Master Tape (67 187)00:59

Jem - Jam All Night Long Master Tape (67 187)

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Jam All Night Long is a song by Jem and The Holograms and all the other performers at the Jem Jam, and it is the 67th song in Jem.



Jam (jam) all night long
Jam (ooh) all night long
Get into the spirit
Get into the song

That's you and me, it's for the melody
Let's you and me get into harmony

Babe, you and me
We'll make a symphony
Oh, listen to the beat
Babe, you sure make the music sweet

Jam all night long (jam all night)
Jam all night long

Babe, we got the spirit
Babe, you are the song
Jam all night long

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