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Jem, Area 44

Jamie Weisberg is an alternative pop American singer currently residing in New York, US. She provided Laura Holloway's singing voice in the Jem animated series.


Jamie Weisberg provided the voice of Laura Holloway, a temporary Starlight Girl with drug addiction problems who appeared in the episode Alone Again of the Jem animated series.

After this memorable work, Jamie released a solo album titled What You're Waiting For. Later on, she provided lead vocals for her new band called Area 44, with Rob Kudyba on guitars and backup vocals, Dave Smith on the bass and Mark Manczuk on drums. The band released an album titled Fragment in 2005, which included the minor hit "Don't You See It". The band split up shortly after, while still working on a second album.

Jamie is still working in the music industry and some of her works, past and present, are now available online. She is currently working on a new project, only known by the acronym M.O.L.




  • According to Jamie herself, she remembers she had a cold when she recorded the song "Alone Again".[1]
  • The song "Don't You See It" by Area 44, is part of the soundtrack for the 2012 comedy film Delivering the Goods.


  1. Meet Jamie Weisberg at message board.

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