Biographical information
Name: Jerrica Benton
Alias: Jem
Age: 23
Affiliation: Jem and The Holograms
Occupation: Musician, songwriter
Instruments: Lead vocals, guitar
Family: Kimber (sister)
Shana (foster sister)
Aja (foster sister)
Physical information
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde (as Jerrica)
Pink (as Jem)
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5ʼ5ʼʼ (as Jerrica)
5ʼ11ʼʼ (as Jem)
Technical information
Era: IDW comics
Debut: Issue #1
For other uses, see Jem (disambiguation).

Jerrica Benton, better known by her stage name and secret identity, Jem, is a character in the IDW Jem and The Holograms comics series. She is the Holograms' lead vocalist and manager.

She is Rio's love interest, Kimber's biological sister, and foster sister of Aja and Shana.


  • Loves: Her sisters, writing, the smell of old books, the sound of waves and rain, peaches, and chocolate.[1]
  • Hates: Public speaking, dog-eared books, cold showers, tabloids, and onions.[1]
  • Guilty pleasure: Bubble baths.[1]
  • Prized possession: Jemstar earrings.[1]
  • Voted most likely to: Do the right thing.[1]
  • Deepest Secret: Jem is the secret holographic alter-ego of Jerrica Benton, created with the help of Synergy.[1]


See: Jem (comics)/Gallery


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