Enter the Stingers, Part 1
Jem and The Holograms, Issue 19 - 01
Cover by Meredith McClaren
General information
Issue number: 19
Story: Kelly Thompson
Art: Meredith McClaren
First published: September 7th, 2016
Previous issue: Ch-ch-changes, Part Two
Next issue: Enter The Stingers, Part 2

Jem and The Holograms #19 is the 19th issue of the Jem and The Holograms comic book, published by IDW Publishing. It will be published on September 7th, 2016.

Official synopsis


You thought the HOLOGRAMS had it rough back when they had to team up with the MISFITS?! Well, just wait until they meet the European super group taking the U.S. by storm... THE STINGERS! Meet Riot, Rapture, Minx, and... RAYA?!?! Whaaaat?


Jem and The Holograms, Issue 19 - 02

Subscription cover

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