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Jerrica Benton

Full Name

Jerrica Benton




Starlight Foundation


Manager of The Holograms

Voiced By

Samantha Newark (Regular Voice), Britta Phillips (Singing Voice)

Played by:

Audrey Peeples

Jerrica Benton is the practical, hardworking manager and owner of the Starlight Foundation and co-owner of Starlight Music alongside her little sister, Kimber. Her alter-ego is the popular rock star Jem.


Jerrica Benton is the practical, hardworking manager and owner of Starlight Music and co-owner of Starlight Foundation. To her dismay, she is often seen as "dependable", which she feels is another word for boring. Her alter ego is Jem and she struggles to keep her double life a secret throughout the series. She is kindhearted and will go through any lengths to help others, even if she barely knows them.

Jerrica becomes jealous of her alter ego Jem as her boyfriend Rio becomes more infatuated with Jem. Still, she refuses to let anyone bad mouth Jem and as Jem, she continues to be kindhearted and humble.

Her sister is Kimberly "Kimber" Benton. 

Early Life

Jerrica is the eldest child of Emmet and Jacqui Benton and grew up with her sister Kimber at the Starlight House. At age ten, Rio and his family moved in next door to the Bentons and Jerrica developed a crush on him instantly. Aja became Jerrica's foster sister when they were twelve but Jerrica originally disliked her, but later they overcame their differences. Later that year, Shana moved in with them. Also in the same year, the Bentons built a treehouse for the girls and they made a pact to stay friends forever.

When Jerrica was still 12, she was angry at her mother for being away from her family that she lashed out at her. The same day, Jacqui Benton died in a plane crash. A month later, Jerrica convinced her father to transform Starlight House to be a foster home. Afterwards, Deirdre and three other Starlight Girls had moved in.

When Jerrica was 17, her father hired Eric Raymond as an assistant, and Jerrica developed a small crush on him. She used Eric to make Rio jealous, but she regretted it very quickly and immediately. Jerrica apologized, and she and Rio made up and eventually started dating.

When her father died, Jerrica discovered that he built a computer known as Synergy for her as well as various costumes, music equipment and the supercomputer/synthesizer. Jerrica decided to form Jem and Holograms to take back Starlight Music away from Raymond using her father's inventions.

After Starlight House was burned down by one of Eric's thugs, Jerrica and the Holograms try to move into the mansion promised to the winners of the Battle of the Bands. In the "Battle of the Bands" episode, Jem and the Holograms win the battle, win Starlight Mansion, and Jerrica has earned back control of Starlight Music.


Even through Jerrica wears different outfits throughout the series, she is best noticeable with her blue and white striped dress with a white belt and blue heels. In the early concept of the series, she had a weird chunky styled hair and wore a blue and pink striped dress, with a red belt and blue heels. But they changed her appearance to better represent the Jem doll line.

Songs sung by Jerrica


  • Jerrica is shown to have been a "Mommy's Girl", grieving over her mother's death more than her father's.
  • Jerrica has revealed she is Jem twice in the series:
  • Jerrica starts to feel jealous of Jem once she realizes that Rio has begun to show interest in her rock persona, more-so then her normal self. This is interesting as Jerrica undergoes no personality change as Jem, and is fully aware of her own romantic advances.
  • Jerrica may have had feelings for Eric Raymond. In Out of the Past, it was revealed that she was attracted to Eric when she was 17 and used it to make Rio jealous, as shown in a flashback while reading her father's old diary.
  • She reveals that she used to be a Girl Scout in Island of Deception.
  • Jerrica is the executive manager of Starlight Music, a high power role for a woman in the 80's.
  • Jerrica's hair was in 5 different styles throughout the series.
  • It was said that Jerrica could be 21-25 years old.
  • Jerrica's catch phrase was I'll go get her, because she really is going to change into Jem, and she also has her most famous, "Showtime, Synergy!"
  • Jerrica has lived in two homes in the T.V show: Starlight House and Starlight Mansion.

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