Johan Dvorak
Johan Dvorak - 01

Full name

Johan Dvorak


Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now Croatia)






Peter Dvorak (grandson)
Nadia Dvorak (granddaughter-in-law)
Giselle Dvorak (great granddaughter)
Anna Dvorak


Homeland, Heartland

Johan Dvorak is a minor character appearing in the Jem animated series. He is Peter's grandfather and Danse's great grandfather.


Despite his age, Johan is a kind and good-hearted old man who still works hard at his farm. He is more than meets the eye, though, and knows everything about Danse's family history, although being just a peasant, he is very cautious about who he opens to.

When Danse visited Zagreb while working on the Holograms new music video, they took a break to visit the Dvorak family farm, where they met Johan. Giselle (Danse) told him that she was Nadia Dvorak's daughter and he immediately recognized her face as the vivid image of his grandson's lost wife. Moved to tears, he revealed her who he really was and invited everyone for dinner that night at his house.

Sensing that the rest of her new found family did not really wanted her there, Giselle stood up from the table and went out of the house. It was there that Johan explained her that things weren't that way but he could not come clean as well, as he ran the risk of losing his farm if he was not cautious. However, he told her that "a mountain man who has nothing to lose" could explain everything.

Johan took her to his grandson's house in the mountains. After an accident provoked by the Zagreb ballet artistic director, Victor Krosach, they brought an unconscious Giselle to the house, where she finally met her long though-to-be-dead father, Peter Dvorak. However, Peter rejected her at first and it was thanks to Johan's intervention that he agreed to listen to Giselle's part of the story, resulting in both being reunited at last.

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