John Montgomery
John mont.

Full Name

John Montgomery


Mulberry, Florida




Filming homemade movies


Mrs. Montgomery (wife)
Vivien Montgomery (daughter)
Buzz Montgomery (twin brother)
Constance Montgomery (niece)


Father's Day

John Montgomery is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is Video's father and Buzz's twin brother (not identical).


John is portrayed as a caring, good-willed family man, especially toward his only daughter, Vivien. His main hobby is to film homemade movies of his family, which may have inspired Vivien to pursue her career as a professional video filmmaker. He and his wife bought her her first video recorder on her tenth birthday.

Despite his good nature, he can frequently be seen quarreling with his twin brother, Buzz (usually after being provoked by the latter). His relation toward his niece, Constance, appears to be of disappointment and pity, as her bad behavior was most likely the result of his father's spoils toward her, as well as the lack of a mother figure while she was growing up.

Aside from the apparent rivalry between he and his brother, deep inside, he may care for him and know when to put aside their differences. This same rivalry appears to have been inherited by their respective daughters, Vivien and Constance.

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