Season 2, Episode 15
Jem and the Holograms - Thin Air

Jem and the Holograms - Thin Air

Air date October 29th, 1987
Written by Christy Marx
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KJEM is the fifteenth episode of the second season, and the 41st episode overall, of the Jem animated series.


Radio station KMEL is about to be shut down after years of being on the air. Jem makes a deal with the station owner, Elzer Marcus, offering to turn it into a college-run station funded by Starlight Music. A rival media mogul named Adrian Lassiter is determined to buy the station at any cost, and spoils its opening broadcast by hiring The Misfits to air a concert on a pirate signal. The signal source has to be found in order to reclaim the channel before all the sponsors pull out.

Songs featured


  • When the Misfits perform their live song during the pirate broadcast, a strong drum beat is heard throughout the song, but not one of the girls is playing drums. Pizzazz and Roxy are playing guitar, Stormer is playing keyboard and Jetta is on the sax.
  • A longer version of "When It's Only Me And The Music" is performed in this episode from when it was first sung in The Music Awards (Part 1).
  • At one point in the writing process the song "Broadway Magic" was included in this episode, but was eventually cut to make room for "When Its Only Me and the Music".
  • The song "Listen Up" was intended to run longer, but due to the episode being condensed, the song was cut short and the dialog was layered over the end of the song.
  • This episode is the only one where the Misfits actually go to jail for what they have done. Although, unlike the other times, the Misfits were actually innocent this time.