#117: KJEM
HQ Jem - KJEM (117 187)01:06

HQ Jem - KJEM (117 187)

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For other uses, see KJEM (disambiguation).

KJEM is a song by Jem and The Holograms, and it is the 117th song in Jem.



KJEM, KJEM is comin' your way
KJEM, KJEM, bringin' you music, makin' your day
Touching people far and near
Spreading the news loud and clear

KJEM, KJEM our time is here

Serving the community
Bringing people together
Giving a sense of unity
And don't forget the sports and weather

KJEM, KJEM has music to share
KJEM, KJEM, sendin' out good thoughts over the air
When a story makes its bow
We find out who and why and how

KJEM, KJEM our time is now

All of the hit songs we can play
All of the news, night and day

KJEM, KJEM, we're here to stay

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