IDW Kimber
Biographical information
Name: Kimber Benton
Age: 18
Affiliation: Jem and The Holograms
Occupation: Musician, songwriter
Instruments: Keytar, backup vocals, piano, guitar
Family: Jerrica (sister)
Shana (foster sister)
Aja (foster sister)
Physical information
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5ʼ9ʼʼ
Technical information
Era: IDW comics
Debut: Issue #1
For other uses, see Kimber (disambiguation).

Kimber Benton is a character in the IDW Jem and The Holograms comics series written by Kelly Thompson, designed by Sophie Campbell, edited by John Barber and Sarah Gaydos, and published in 2015. She is the Holograms' lead keytarist. She is Jerrica's biological sister and foster sister of Aja and Shana. She debuted in the first issue.


In her new redesigned look, Kimber is taller than her sister Jerrica, and is still the main keyboard/keytar player and now co-writer on songs with Jerrica/Jem. Kimber is very much the energetic, spontaneous, impulsive and occasionally irresponsible woman like she was in the cartoon, easily getting lost in social media and anything new and exciting. She still feels a strong connection to Synergy, to the point of telling Synergy that she reminds her of her mother. What differs from the cartoon is that in the comic, Kimber is openly lesbian from the beginning and soon becomes involved in a relationship with Stormer of the Misfits. This tends to cause some strain within the respective musical groups due to them being rival band members.


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  • Both Kimber and Stormer are the first two characters in the Jem franchise to be attracted by another character of the same gender.
  • Loves: Writing, girls, lawyer shows, animals, swimming, surfing, pizza, coffee ice-cream, and red velvet cake.[1]
  • Hates: Political shows, spiders, heights, and fish.[1]
  • Guilty pleasure: Binge shoe shopping.[1]
  • Prized possession: Extensive pajama collection.[1]
  • Voted most likely to: Get whatever she wants.[1]
  • Deepest secret: Loves trashy romance novels, but doesn't hide it.[1]


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