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Kimber Benton

Full Name

Kimberly "Kimber" Benton




Starlight Foundation


Songwriter, Keyboardist, Synthesizers and Backup vocals for The Holograms

Voiced By

Cathianne Blore (Regular Voice), Florence Warner (Singing Voice)

Played by:

Stefanie Scott

Kimber is one of the first Holograms and the little sister of Jerrica Benton. She is the co-owner of the Starlight Foundation with Jerrica, and is also the main song writer of all of the songs of the Holograms.


Kimber is probably the most important character in the series next to Jem. She is in her late teens, it's unknown how old she is but she is a teenager. But some say that she might be 18 years old like Princess Adriana from the episode The Princess and the Singer

She is shown to be creative, sensitive, extreme in her emotions, beautiful, impulsive, loyal and a little rebellious. For example, in Kimber's Rebellion, she was very angry when she thought that Jem was getting all the attention.

She is prone to losing her temper and making decisions without thinking them through, proving her to be a bit naive. Her emotions are seen throughout the series. Kimber thinks with her heart rather than her head, and she is also a hopeless romantic. She has flirted with being a bit more on the wild side, She flirts with lots of guys, and her boyfriends are Geoff, Sean, and Steve.  

Kimber is the youngest member of the band who writes all of the songs. Kimber seems to be very popular with the guys, as she has at least 5 boyfriends on the show, but she wasn't very serious with each of them, except for Sean Harrison. They almost had a marriage but what happened was in Hollywood Jem.


When Kimber was growing up, she felt upset being the youngest in the family. It wasn't until Lela arrived at Starlight House when that feeling went away, because Lela was younger than herself. The two became great friends. When Kimber was 9, her mother died in a plane crash somewhere in the 1970s. Later in her life, like Shana and Aja, their late father left them instruments, a computer called Synergy, a car called the rockin roadster, and clothes, and they formed the Holograms with Jerrica. She is the keyboard player, the singer song writer.

When Kimber left the band briefly, she met Stormer at a club and performed "I'm Okay" with her. The two girls became fast and best friends, and even recorded an album with each other. Despite Stormer going back to the Misfits and Kimber going back to the Holograms, both girls still maintained their strong friendship. Seen in the episode the: The Bands Break Up.

Songs sung by Kimber


  • Kimber was the first hologram to become friends with one of the Misfits.
  • Kimber was shown to have been a "Daddy's Girl" and was grieving over her father's death more than her mother's.
  • Surprisingly, Kimber is good with animals. She also has talent with swimming and diving.
  • Kimber is often kidnapped.
  • In "The Rock Fashion Book" it's revealed that Kimber likes dolphins, and that she is afraid of heights.
  • The end of her keytar has an M-shaped handle, referencing to the fact that Jem's name was originally "M".
  • In the early concept she was named Aja. Aja's original name was Jade.
  • Kimber, Aja and Ashley shared the same voice-actor: Cathianne Blore.
  • She has had more love interests over the series than all the other characters in the show.
  • Kimber is the only other person than Jem and Raya in the band to almost tell Jem's secret.
  • A Kimber look-alike appears in the Transformers cartoon "B.O.T." Season 2, Ep 49. The only differences being her hair is dark red and she wears a red top, purple pants and yellow shoes. A Jerrica look-alike also appears near her.
  • Kimber is the Jem and The Holograms songwriter.
  • Kimber is the youngest band member
  • Kimber and Jerrica have a slight family resemblance.
    • She has blue eyes, just like Jerrica.
  • She dresses like a prince.
  • Kimber was the first Hologram seen on tv.
  • Kimber has a doppleganger: Princess Adriana in episode 19: The Princess and the Singer



She and her sister share a very strong bond and they are very close with each other, but sometimes Jerrica does tend to baby her, and act like a mother to her. But they really do love each other. And it is seen throughout the series, but it was mention in the episode "Scandal" that she wished Jem was her sister instead of Jerrica.


Kimber didn't like Aja when she was adopted by Emmett Benton, but she grew on her over time. But she does think that Aja can be cold at times, revealed in the episode "Scandal", but they really do care for each other.


It seems that they care for each other, but she mention that Shana can be really annoying when she's insecure about her talent revealed in the episode "Scandal", but she was upset when Shana had to go in the episode "The Talent Search, Part 1".


They haven't interacted with each other throughout the series, but they do tend to pop off at each other in the episodes "Kimber's Rebellion", "Glitter and Gold", and Hollywood Jem. They do express their friendship for each other, and she wouldn't have imagined not inviting him to her wedding, and they to work together on occasions, so they are friends.


When both of their groups failed on them, they found each other in a disco-bar where the people insist to they sing together and the short journey of "Back To Back" start with their one hit single "I'm Okay" Kimber and Stormer create a real bond of friendship, then Kimber understand that Stormer is warm and nice not necessarily a mean person as Pizzazz, Roxy or Jetta. When Eric threats to take his part of Starlight Music.


These two interact a lot, sometimes it seems that Eric is interested in Kimber, could it be in a romantic way, since he always compliments her and tries to put her against Jem, like in Starbright part. 1, There are other moments when Eric offers her to ally with him and it seems that he wants as usual Starlight Music, but usually Kimber despise him


Kimber wears different outfits throughout the series. She wears a white top and blue jeans with heels. She also has blue eyes with red hair that kind of looks pink.

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