Full Name







Starlight Girls

Voiced by

Cindy McGee

Singing voice

Diva Gray

Krissie is one of the most responsible Starlight Girls, and she always tries to be fair to her friends, or her enemies. She developed a friendship with Dominic Lerner in the episode The Jem Jam (Part 2), despite their initial meeting in The Jem Jam (Part 1), which she dismissed him as a selfish, spoiled brat where Dominic threw her out of her room. She briefly ran away from home, accompanying Deirdre and Ba Nee to try and keep them out of trouble (The Music Awards (Part 1)). She enjoys painting (The Stingers Hit Town (Part 2)). Like all of the Starlight Girls, she helps out at Starlight Foundation functions, such as serving refreshments at the press conference to announce the Jem Jam (The Jem Jam (Part 1)), or passing out flyers for the Haven House benefit (The Music Awards (Part 2)), and posting posters during the Starlight Talent Search (The Talent Search (Part 1)). According to the Jem Bible, Krissie was 11 years old when the series began (1985).


Krissie has been living in the Starlight House ever since the day she was brought over and she has made a lot of friends ever since, some of her closest ones being Ba Nee and Ashley. She's been going through so many adventures, like in the episode "The Music Awards" where she, Ba Nee and Deirdre ran away from home because they felt that Jerrica and the others didn't care about them. Krissie knew that they did care about them, but she followed Ba Nee and Deirdre because she knew that they couldn't survive on their own.


Krissie usually wears her hair in a ponytail, but in some episodes, she is seen wearing pigtails, and she wears a blue vest, with a white undershirt, and red pants, and shoes. In the early concept in the series, she had very dark skin.


Krissie is usually the voice of reason, and she usually follows the rules and never gets into trouble. She helps out like an ordinary Starlight Girl, like passing out flyers for a concert, or in the episode "The Jem Jam", or when Jem and the Holograms won the Battle of the Bands, they held a party in the episode Starbright (Part 1): Falling Star.

Songs sung by Krissie



  • Krissie was one of the three Starlight Girls to be adapted into a doll.
  • In some episodes, she is shown wearing pigtails.
  • Based on the Jem Bible, she was 11 when the series started, which would make her around 14-15 when the series ended.

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