Lani Groves
Lani Groves - 01

Birth name

Lani van der Merwe


Bloemfontein, South Africa


Stormer (singing voice)[1]


Teacher, musician, actress


Vocals, cello

Years active



Lani Groves is a South African teacher, musician and actress, better known for her regular performances as a cellist. She provided Stormer's singing voice in the Jem animated series.

Early life and career

Lani was born in Bloemfontein. A musician by trade, she began playing the cello and singing since the age of five. She studied at the University of Pretoria.

In 1987 she provided Stormer's singing voice in the animated series Jem, along with Florence Warner, who provided Kimber's singing voice. Both performed the song "I'm Okay" in the episode The Bands Break Up.

In 2004, Lani played a bar-lady in The Res by Franz Marx, after which she played various characters for South African television programs such as Society, 7de Laan and Kompleks for the KykNet channel.

From 2006 to 2011, Lani formed one quarter of the band Electro Muse (now known as The Muses), an electric string quartet. Lani also previously played as part of band Ménage à Trois, as well as performing regularly as a backing artist to a number of other musicians.

In 2009 she starred in a locally produced film The Dykumentary for the "Out of Africa" film festival.

In 2011, Lani featured as a cellist and backing singer on Laurie Levine's third album Six Winters and contributed to a band called Tango Loca, specializing in Argentinian Tango and French cafe style music.

In 2012 Lani became a semi-permanent partner to Laurie Levine at live events, shows and gigs.

In 2012, alongside actor and musician Tiaan Rautenbach, Lani formed a new band called Soozie and the Cheesewagon, specializing in acoustic blues.

She currently performs regularly at musical events across the Gauteng region in South Africa.



  1. Only in the episode The Bands Break Up.

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