Leonard Martin
Leonard Martin - 01

Full Name

Leonard Martin



Hair color



Nebraska, US


Working supervisor at Ace Packing, Co.


A Father Should Be...

Voiced by


Leonard Martin is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He is a veteran ex-soldier of the Vietnam War and one of three men with similar characteristics who could possibly be Ba Nee's father.


Not much is known about Leonard, other than he lives in Nebraska and works as supervisor at the Ace Packing company. He is physically disabled from the waist down to his legs, probably the result of a war injury, and must resort on moving around using a wheelchair.

When asked by Raya and Rio if he could possibly be Ba Nee's father, he politely assured them that he absolutely for certain couldn't be the man they were looking for, wishing them luck at the same time on finding the little girl's real father.

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