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#184: Let Me Be
HQ The Stingers - Let Me Be (184 187)01:04

HQ The Stingers - Let Me Be (184 187)

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Let Me Be is a song by The Stingers, and it is the 184th song in Jem.



Let me be, let me be the man I'm meant to be
Let me be, though I may not suit you perfectly
Set me free to follow my own star
Let me be, can't you see? We are who we are

There's room to grow and love to show we'll make it, you and me
All I ask of you is let me be (let me be)

Let me grow, let me show you more of what I know
Let me fly, let me touch your heart and make you cry
Set me free (set me free) to follow my own star
Set me free, can't you see? We are who we are

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