#114: Look Inside Yourself
HQ Jem - Look Inside Yourself (114 187)01:11

HQ Jem - Look Inside Yourself (114 187)

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Look Inside Yourself is a song by Jem and The Holograms, and it is the 114th song in Jem. The song was written by temporary Starlight Girl, Laura Holloway, who also provides acoustic guitars for the song.


International versions

  • The Portuguese version is called "Olhe Para Dentro De Você" ("Look Inside Of You").


Don't sigh at the moon if you want the answers
Don't sigh at the moon or the stars above
If you want to know where the answers reside
Look inside, look inside yourself

Deep down within you
Are feelings to explore
There's a whole new world
Why not open the door?

And see who you are in all of your glory
Accept who you are and be on your way
When you love yourself, you start to glow with pride
Deep inside, deep inside yourself
Look inside, look inside yourself

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