Jem, Jerrica & Rio - Triangle - 01

The Jem, Jerrica and Rio love triangle is a recurrent theme in the Jem animated series and has played an important role throughout many episodes.


When Jerrica Benton first turned into Jem, she decided to keep this as a secret from her boyfriend and childhood best friend, Rio, out of worry he would end up leaving her for not being honest with him. However, due to the frequent encounters that subsequently took place between Rio and this mysterious, pink-haired rockstar who suddenly came into his life, he eventually started to develop feelings for her, even though he had a stable relationship with Jerrica.

At first, Rio could not cope with the fact that he was cheating on the person that trusted him the most; more so because what he hated the most in the world was dishonesty.

As more encounters with the Holograms' lead vocalist occurred, his feelings toward her started to grow stronger, up to the point that it was implied they were even bigger than those he felt for Jerrica.

Jerrica, on the other hand, at the beginning, did not pay much attention to Rio's attentions toward Jem, being that, in reality, both were one and the same, and maybe looking at the situation as an innocent game of sorts, probably trusting that Rio's feelings would eventually let him see through the disguise and finally realize it was her all along.

On some occasions, though, Jerrica tried to reveal him the truth, but some sort of mishap always ended up happening right before she could come clean. A similar thing happened to Rio every time he attempted to break up with Jerrica for Jem.

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