#155: Lovesick
HQ The Misfits - Love Sick (155 187)01:12

HQ The Misfits - Love Sick (155 187)

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Lovesick is a song by The Misfits, and it is the 115th song in Jem.



Lovesick, I'm outta my head
Lovesick, I'd better get to bed
Lovesick, I've got it bad
And that ain't good, that ain't good

Lovesick, can't keep my feet on the ground
Lovesick, I'm on a merry-go-round
Lovesick, I'm not acting like I should
And that ain't good, that ain't good

I'll never forget the day we met
Since then it just hasn't been the same
I jump though a hoop and land in the soup
Every time I hear his name, isn't it a shame?

Lovesick, I've got that look in my eye
Lovesick, is there a doctor nearby?
Lovesick, don't know how long I'll last
I'm fading fast, I'm fading fast

Lovesick, lovesick, lovesick, lovesick
Lovesick, lovesick, lovesick, lovesick


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