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Marla Martell
Marla making rain

Full name

Marla Martell




Magic Island




Music is Magic

Voiced by


Marla Martell is a famous illusionist who appears in the episode Music is Magic.


A famous illusionist Jem and The Holograms meet at Magic Island during their rehearsal for their performance at the Music & Magic TV special with the world's greatest magicians. Jem had actually heard of her before they met, but she wasn't too impressed with her, since her love interest, Devon Silverstone, was interested in Jem. She even threatens Jem and conjures up a real snake.


Marla Martell


  • Even though her tricks are illusions of mystic spirits created by a projector controlled by a remote hidden in her medallion, one trick she does is to make a real raincloud appear, and also other weather-related tricks.

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