Over the years, Jem merchandise has been released before the apparition of both the TV and doll series, and even after both of those had ended. Here is the page where you can post any piece of Jem merchandise you may find.


Clasic Dolls

Integrity Toys


Find Your Fate

"Find Your Fate" was a series of books during the 1980s in the style of the popular "Choose Your Own Adventure" gamebooks where the reader could make decisions for the main characters. "Find Your Fate" was made up almost entirely of books based on popular toys, TV shows and films. Three books under the brand were written about Jem.

Golden Books



Main article: Jem and The Holograms (comic)




Most of the Jem characters' dolls came with cassettes which included songs from the show, although there were a few other tapes that served different purposes.

The cassettes came in different colors depending on the character and era, with the original toyline being white with pink lettering for the Holograms, and black with white lettering for the Misfits.

Cassettes from the Glitter 'n Gold era came with a golden sticker.



JEM And The Holograms The Truly Outrageous Complete Series (DVD Trailer)01:35

JEM And The Holograms The Truly Outrageous Complete Series (DVD Trailer)

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