Thief, ticket scalper


The Music Awards (Part 1)
The Music Awards (Part 2)

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Mick is a minor character in the Jem animated series. He appeared in the episodes The Music Awards, part 1 and part 2 as a minor villain who along with Ramón, manipulates Danny into stealing stuff for him.


Mick is a lowlife thief who makes a living selling anything he can get his hands onto or takes part in any illegal activities that can provide him a quick buck. It is implied he may already had his own run-ins with the law, as the police seems to be well aware of his activities. He lives in an old school bus full of stereo equipment (of dubious origin). In the episode The Music Awards (Part 1), we can find him trying to sell stolen tickets for a Misfits concert.

Danny, a homeless runaway boy, manages to steal a ticket from him; however, he is able to catch the kid. Mick immediately takes advantage of the situation and thinks of a way he can use Danny for his own purposes. He fakes becoming friends with him and offers him a "job" by sending him to steal stuff for him from Sounds ETC. Continuing with the charade, he allows him to stay in his bus for the night, an invitation he also extends to Deirdre, Ba Nee and Krissie, who were accompanying Danny at the time.


  • The old school bus Mick lives in says "Marx Girls School", this is a nod to Christy Marx, the creator of Jem.

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